7 Figure Psych



7 Figure Psych is a Business Growth Marketing Program developed over the last 3 years working with the largest TMS and Mental Health Companies in the country.

This allows you to drive more patient outcomes, have a bigger impact, and save more lives. Our goal is simple: to provide Business Owners confidence and peace of mind to finally know this area of their business is taken care of AND equip them with the training, knowledge, and skillset to convert more patients into care.

7 Figure Psych is the Gold Standard for TMS Marketing in the US, unveiling a new PARADIGM around what is truly required to Grow a Successful Mental Health Business


Top Tier Branding

Mass Scale Awareness

Compelling Offer

Automated Follow Up

Top Tier Branding

Top tier branding begins within a sleek, beautiful and fast conversion website. Your website must look good, and it must also capture the attention and information of your prospects. We’ll turn on some search engine optimization and get you ranking on the first page of Google, with emphasis on Google My Business so people can easily find you.

Next, our Client Success Team interviews you and puts you on the cover of your own magazine style brochure. This gives a story and a narrative to the advanced depression treatments you offer. It is the perfect tool to have in your waiting, as well as the waiting rooms of referring physicians and it’s a great talking piece to use throughout the community.

Finally, we’ll use our system to drive in new Google reviews. You’ll build your authority and trust quickly as new reviews start to pour in. Social proof will mount, and soon you won’t just be a single choice, you’ll be the only choice in the mind of your prospect.

Mass Scale Awareness

In other words, people aren’t just going to type transcranial magnetic stimulation or tms near me into Google. Instead, we need to get in front of the right people and tell a story that presents a new opportunity for those suffering most.

We do this through running compelling video ads and blog articles. This allows us to tell the story of TMS, how it can help, its effectiveness, testimonials, FAQs and more. Best of all? This happens all on autopilot and runs 24/7.

No video content? No worries! We’ve got your back with an extensive library of TMS and Ketamine educational videos. Remember, people are problem aware, not yet solution aware. And unless you present them with a solution that could change their life… boom! They’re on to the next doctor with the next fancy medication.

So there’s good news here! You’re picking up steam and people have visibility to you, your brand and your videos. They are starting to see this new blue ocean opportunity and their curiosity is piqued!

Compelling Offer

Next, we drive them to what we call a funnel. A funnel is a miniature website designed to capture a specific lead based on a specific offer or promise. So the next step is we create a compelling offer that moves people to action.

In our case, the compelling offer is to take a free depression assessment, or to request a consultation. Now, the prospect will leave the ad platform in order to go through the funnel. They’ll answer a series of questions where they’ll either qualify or disqualify themselves.

This is a very powerful positioning.

Now, instead of recruiting people to come join you, people are applying to work with you to come join you!

Great! We have a lead. Someone has filled out their information with their name, phone number, email and assessment submission answers (including insurance, number of medications, etc.)

Automated Follow Up

The final step in the Attracting Phase is follow up.

Many businesses leave hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars on the table because of their inability to effectively follow up with new patient inquiries.

The 7 Figure Psych system uses the power of automation to be able to follow up with text messages, emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, and voicemail drops… all on autopilot!

You’ll be amazed at how in depth and tactical our follow up system is! If you can’t wait to see, book a live demo here.

Overall, what we’re doing here is creating a path, a yellow-brick-road of least resistance, leading people from not knowing at all what TMS, to eagerly requesting a consultation and queued up, poised, and ready to experience Phase 2.


Business is a contact sport. Business is a team sport. This is the part of the process where we pass you the ball, but don’t worry we’re not leaving you out to dry.

Most Medical Doctors do not graduate with an MBA, and that’s OK. However, we know that in order to have a thriving business, every part of the patient generation process needs to be choreographed.

Having worked with the top TMS clinics in the nation, and seeing the positive and negative trends, we’ve taken our teams combined 20 years of sales and business experience and packaged it into a curriculum we call “The Art of Converting New Patients.”

The Art of Converting New Patients will not only give you the exact scripts on how to effectively speak to your new patient opportunities over the phone, but it will also provide you the frameworks and business theory behind the entire program.

Once your team has gone through the program, we launch your campaigns, and once your new potential patients walk in the door, you’re ready for Phase 3.


Now that your new potential patient has walked in the door, the Strategic Choreography begins.

  • Who greets them?

  • What do they say?

  • What does the room look like?

  • What is the vibe?

  • Are the testimonials visible?

  • Is this a welcoming environment?

  • Is this somewhere where I’d be comfortable with treatment?

All these questions and more are rushing through the mind of the prospect. It is now imperative that we put the prospect at ease and run through an effective consultation.

In The Art of Converting New Patients, we present an extremely effective framework that 7 Figure Psych clinics across the US implement that enroll patients into care.

The consultation is a questions framework – it is designed to get the prospect to open up, to let their guard down and to vulnerably share. We are exposing the GAP! The GAP between where they are in their current undesirable situation and their future desired situation.

The Art of Converting New Patients runs you through exactly what to say and do to effectively expose that gap and then close that gap by enrolling them into care.

Your Program Includes: