Beyond Marketing’s call tracking analytics allows clients to track calls from our marketing efforts. You’ll get a unique phone number associated to your business. We’ll use this phone number in your marketing campaigns and all inbound phone calls are recorded inside your MOVE account.

Call Tracking enables you to

  • Measure sales reps performance

  • Give feedback on real-time sales opportunities

  • Tracks duration of the call

  • Discover more about your customers

  • Display the best sales reps, and also exposes the worst

  • Gives the opportunity to enhance script / outline

Best of all, no special hardware or any time is required on your end. It works by displaying your unique tracking phone number(s) in marketing campaigns that consumers call. Once they call the number, they are automatically redirected to the company’s phone.

Businesses need highly trained staff people that are able to handle objections, put people at ease and successfully drive to a conversion (an appointment or a sale.)

Listening in on your staff handle customers on the phone is a fast track way to establish best practices, promote the high achievers, get rid of losers, and make strategic moves in terms of scripting enhancements.

All inbound calls are recorded inside of your MOVE account. Listening to and improving upon how leads are spoken to and handled is a huge key to your success with our programs.