Follow Up: The most important element in winning your new client’s business

  • 2% Sales Made on the 1st contact

  • 3% of Sales Made on the 2nd contact

  • 5% of Sales Made on the 3rd contact

  • 10% of Sales Made on the 4th contact

  • 80% Sales Made on the 5th – 12 contact

Most people coming into your funnel won’t be ready to buy. Maybe they are in the appraisal phase where they are first discovering their problem and not yet ready to commit anywhere.

Or maybe it is someone who is interested in your solution, but is still skeptical and does not have the full education or awareness around the solution.

Or maybe it is someone who is ready to move forward, but just needs to understand the different product / service options and the terms.

Regardless of where they fall on the spectrum, having content-driven follow up nurtures your leads. Now your business can be top of mind.

Automating your follow-up allows you to save time and effort so you and your staff can focus on the important things like growing the business, enhancing your customer journey and expanding to new territories.

MOVE is The All-In-One, Simple to Use, Customized Lead Management Platform Designed to Move Prospects Into Patients on Autopilot

Our automated follow up system includes voicemail drops emails two-way text messaging and automated phone calls to a prospect as soon as they opt in to your offer. Within MOVE, you’ll be able to see a visual pipeline of where the new prospect revenue is in the business, send out review to Google with a single click, and schedule appointments with ease.

Your follow campaign will include a 10-part email sequence, professionally written on your specific niche. Your email follow up campaigns can include free lead magnets, such as eBooks, checklists, and cheat sheets.

The purpose of the follow-up is to simplify the system for you and your staff wow staying top-of-mind to the potential new client. Remember, not prospect that becomes a lead will be ready for your treatment just