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TMS Practice Owners have life changing technology,

but sometimes they struggle to get new patients.

We have a turnkey system so that you can get more patients,save more lives, and earn more money from your business.
Because everyone deserves to be happy and YOU can be the hero to create that breakthrough.

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A PROVEN Business Growth Marketing Plan that attracts new patients in the door, trains your team to effectively schedule them, and enroll into care with ease.


Business Foundation Training

A strong business must start with a strong foundation. In our “Art of Converting New Patients” Customer Success Curriculum, we cover the five areas of building a thriving business:

  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurture
  • Conversion
  • Delivery
  • Upsell / Resell

Designed to shift your paradigm, the program includes all frameworks and phone scripts from running effective lead follow up calls, to how to get people to eagerly say yes and enroll into care.

Branding Initiative

As a local business it can be difficult to know where to allocate funds to in regards to branding. When a clinic partners with us, we take this massive burden off your shoulders. Our team of expert designers makes sure you have a brand that stands above and beyond your competition. Having a top-tier brand established your trust and authority, locally and in your field. Say hello to your new incredibly beautiful and incredibly functional websites, Credibility Magazine, logo, and more!

Video Advertising

You’ve got a BIG problem! And that is most people simply have no concept around your advanced medical treatments. So how do we strategically influence our prospective patients that we are the ONLY choice in the market? Simple. Video! Video allows us to tell compelling stories around WHY your advanced medical treatments can be the best fit. You can rest easy knowing that professional video content is running 24/7, continually educating patients about your amazing treatments, all without you having to lift a finger

Creating a Compelling Offer

Once people are aware of your solutions the next thing we need to is create a funnel to capture their information. Think of a funnel as a miniature website with a direct CTA (Call to Action). An effective funnel promotes ONE SPECIFIC THING (unlike a website) and has a compelling offer aimed at solving your prospect’s biggest pain. Running cold traffic to funnels is much more effective than driving cold traffic to a website because funnels create a yellow-brick-road and influence towards a very specific action.

Automated Follow Up

Most businesses leave hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table because of their inability to follow up with new prospects or patients. When we partner, we build extensive follow up sequences through our proprietary CRM software MOVE. Our follow will automatically engage people by text messaging, emails, phone calls and Facebook messages. You can even pre-record a message to hit peoples’ voicemails. Follow up is an incredibly powerful Business Essential, and without it, your prospects may be onto the next medical practice that can serve them.

Reputation Management

It is no secret that we live in a buyers market. Our system allows you to generate and manage your online reputation at the click of a button. Great reviews help you to establish credibility and trust in your market. Become the most trusted Provider today and start your cascade of online reviews now

Search Engine Optimization

We develop a custom strategy for your individual needs, ranking over 50 keywords and phrases related to your expertise. There is no cookie-cutter, overseas SEO here! One of the most important channels for a local business is getting ranked in Google Maps. High Google Maps ranking allows for easy visibility, reviews, and driving directions. We help you increase your Google My Business ranking and drive in more business.


New patient revenue generated by our clients since 2017


Average # of leads clients receive per month


Markets served across America


“When I compare last September & October to this year, we’re more than double our actual kept intake appointments. Our amount of leads have skyrocketed. Scott talks the talk and walks the walk.”

Piper B. – Owner / PNP WA

“We used to have 2-3 patients a day and now we’re up to the point where we have 8-9 patients a day and we actually have our second machine on the way!”

Joe M. – Clinic Director MN

“For whatever reason the Beyond Marketing leads seem to answer on the first phone call and they’re much easier to convert.”

Peter Butrico – Princeton Medical Institute NJ

The Way Your Patients Think And Behave is Rapidly Changing
You Need a Business Strategy to Match It


You Own / Operate a Medical Practice with High-Case Value Patients

We specialize in Mental Health and Regenerative Medicine Practices including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, Esketamine, Ketamine Infusion Therapy, PRP, Stem Cell Therapy, Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy, and more!

You’re Ready for a Massive TRANSFORMATION

Turning your practice into a 7 Figure Business requires massive shifts in action, lead handling, sales processes, nurture sequences and more. If you’re ready to dive in, plug in!

You’re Committed to Making Your Team More Efficient

Top practices have highly training professionals at every corner of the business. From incredibly caring and empathetic front desk staff, to extremely knowledgeable and talented Nurse Practitioners enrolling patients into care.

You Want a Partner, Not Just an Ambiguous Contractor

You’ll have a dedicated Success Manager that serves more so as an extension of your business to ensure your success. We value every relationship with every client and are committed to your success in business

You’re Ready to Put in the Work

Taking complete ownership is paramount to your success. The right client understands that business is a team sport, and is excited and eager for change and ready to play their part in the process.


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