Our program is a three-phase business development plan designed to 1) attract, 2) schedule and 3) convert new patients into care. The attraction phase focuses on the direct response marketing campaigns, including the ad strategy, the funnels, and the automated follow up. The scheduling and enrollment phases focus on teaching you and your team the business skills and frameworks required to take cold traffic from the internet and convert it into new, happy, paying patients.

For the clients who follow the Training Course, have a dedicated lead handler, follow up appropriately, have a great attitude, and treat all new opportunities like they could be a star client, many. For the clients that complain, doubt the system, focus on the wrong things, don’t show up to training calls, etc., not many.

We cannot guarantee a financial outcome with our program. Why? There are too many factors in running a successful business. The marketing and advertising are just one factor. Next if your staff’s ability to follow up and book appointments in an effective and empathetic way. Next is the office choreography, from who greets them, to who walks them back to the consult room, and finally the patient enrollment. How do you handle objections, close, and follow up. Our program and Training Course are designed to advise you on all of those aspects.

Fear. Can’t help you there. If you want to grow your business but you are afraid to make a time or money commitment then this program is certainly not for you. Money. You don’t want to make the investment into buying attention (marketing and advertising) or training your team. If you expect something for nothing, and don’t want to spend the money, this program is also not for you. Effort. You don’t want to put in the collective effort to make direct-response marketing work in your business. You don’t want your staff spending time having “lead-nurturing” conversations. You don’t want to complete the training program.

Our program can still work for you if you do not have your own video content. We have a video library of content, including testimonials and info videos from each manufacturer, news footage, whiteboard animation videos, and more.

If you’d like to upgrade or downgrade your package, get in touch with your Client Success Manager and they will get the process started for you.

Everyone who is dealing with new patients. The business owner, the lead handlers, and the technicians should all go through the course. The course is timeless and teaches you business fundamentals as it relates to growing your business and using the direct response advertising to grow your business.

That is OK. Although you may not want to display yourself on the cover, the magazine is about creating awareness around you and for the practice. Most people feel comfortable putting a face to a name. When people walk in the door, they’d be able to feel a sense of trust, like they already know you. The magazine gives a story and a narrative to you, your practice and your services. The alternative would be a stock image, a photo of your team, your building, etc. It will still work, but we’ve seen magazines with people on the cover as most effective.

Before leaving for good, we’ll always try to resolve your problems and make it right. If you still wish to cancel, just send an email to info@beyondmarketing.net and we’ll begin the cancellation process.

There is an entire module in the Training Course dedicated to MOVE training. Start there and if you have questions, make sure you ask your Client Success Manager

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email. Start by following the link in your email to register for the Training Course. From there, you’ll be instructed to fill out your intake form and schedule your On-Boarding call. Our on-boarding process is smooth and simple! Your on-boarding call will be held over Zoom and all communication will be through Basecamp.

Beyond Marketing has an entire business training curriculum called the Art of Converting New Patients, or Training Course for short. First, we support you with the material in the course. We provide the phone scripts, and the consultation and exam frameworks to move your prospects closer to a yes! The next area of support we offer is through our amazing Facebook community. During on-boarding you will be prompted to join our Facebook community. In this private client group, we host regular scheduled trainings and it is a great way for you to network with other professionals who are using the service. Next, we support you in our communication tool, Basecamp. You’ll have access to your Client Success Manager via Basecamp, as well as your Accountability Coach, which brings us to our next level of support. We’ll also have regular scheduled check-in calls where you and your team will work one-on-one with your CSM and your Accountability Coach. Here, we will listen to calls, observe your conversations with prospects and offer feedback on optimizing your lead nurturing process. Many clients have shared how this is particularly valuable.