Optimum TMS

“Since implementing the system it has allowed us to be more efficient with our time. It’s a simple organized system that develops leads and turns them into clients. Now we can spend more time on improving the patient experience.”


“When I compare last September & October to this year, we’re more than double our actual kept intake appointments. Our amount of leads have skyrocketed. Scott talks the talk and walks the walk.”

Duluth TMS

“We used to have 2-3 patients a day and now we’re up to the point where we have 8-9 patients a day and we actually have our second machine on the way!”

HPR Treatment Centers

“In two months we have been blown away from our results and we’ve had about 180 leads come into the clinic and you have removed a significant load off of me to allow me to work on the business.”

Princeton Medical Institute

“For whatever reason the Beyond Marketing leads seem to answer on the first phone call and they’re much easier to convert.”

Future Psych Solutions

“The magazine advertisement has been very successful in growing awareness and funneling patients to our higher-end services.”

On Track

“He automated my marketing system and for me it’s like magic. I basically show up to my office and the days I’m there I have scheduled new patients and reports stacked.”

Synergy of Monticello

“In order to be interviewed, they have to go through your marketing training. You have a whole system that you have to follow. They are following these rules and guidelines you provide that hold their hand through it all.”

Maine Vitality Center

“We were too busy, that was the problem. We had more new patients than we could process.”

"409 Calls In One Day The Girls Said It Was A Slow Day.."

"80% Increase In Patient Conversion In Less Than 2 Months"

"Scott Theaman Totally Changed My Life, Changed My Marketing, And Rocketed Our Numbers..Two-Month Waiting List For New Patients"

"A Full Time "Experienced" Digital Media Department For Less Than A Part Time Employee"

"Advanced Jedi Techniques for Lead Generation"

“His way of thinking in regards to marketing and advertising online is the exact opposite of how I was told”

“We Had To Put A Stop To It. With Over 80 Leads In One Month We Just Can't Keep Up!"

“It took the other’s six month to do what Scott Theaman did in a few weeks. Amazing!"

“HIRE HIM. I've seen him close 2 patients over $4K in less than 10 minutes. We haven't done that ALL YEARS!"