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7 Figure Psych is a Business Development and Marketing Program developed by working with and observing the patterns of hundreds of private practices across the US. We analyzed what works, what doesn’t, the frameworks that successful practices need to win big, and created an all-in-one, turnkey solution to help business owners have clarity and true optics into their business.

The program allows you to drive more patient outcomes, have a bigger impact, and save more lives. Our goal is simple: to provide Business Owners confidence and peace of mind to finally know that the area of Business Development and Marketing is taken care of AND equip them with the training, knowledge, and skillset to convert more patients into care.

7 Figure Psych is the Gold Standard for TMS and Mental Health Marketing in the US. Our program teaches businesses the new PARADIGM required to grow successful mental health business in these ever-changing times.


We pride ourselves on working with top-tier individuals with a keen sense of purpose and vision to win big and achieve bigger. The ideal business for the 7 Figure Psych Program

  • Has a visionary leader or leadership team
  • Isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo and implement new strategies
  • Is coachable
  • Has a great attitude
  • Is motivated by patient outcomes, patient care, and legacy, not just money
  • Is eager and willing to have an active role in their success

Our GOLD and PLATINUM members have discovered how to Implement the Perfect Patient Journey, joined an elite group of professionals in our private Facebook community, and have access to regularly scheduled exclusive LIVE training.